Card Safety

Use the security service of card insurance and be protected from illegal operations in Georgia, as well as abroad. 
Security service will make up for the funds spent during the illegal use of your card. The service is applicable for the operations performed through ATM, POS terminal and internet.  


Card Safety/Insurance Services 




Premium Plus


Gold Plus

Annual Fee


GEL 10

GEL 15

GEL 25

GEL 50

Card Insurance Term

                                                                                   Equals to Card validity term

Transactions fullfilled without PIN or Chip (above GEL 100) 

GEL 2000

GEL 5000

 GEL 8000

GEL 10000

GEL 25000

Internet transactions

 GEL 500

GEL 800

GEL 1100

GEL 3000

GEL 7000

Authorization-free transactions

GEL 200

GEL 500

GEL 800

GEL 1200

GEL 2500

Number of operations reimbursed

10 illegal operations


                                    Standard terms and conditions for performance of terabank’s banking operations: see at the following link

Application Form

Security Code