Referral Program

Become our customer, refer your friend and get Terabytes as a present! 

How to get involved with the program: 

You should be terabank’s customer* 

*You should be using minimum 1 active product: current account, loan, deposit and card.

  • If you are not yet our customer, visit us at terabank’s branches 
  • Through terabank’s internet bank, you should send the contact data of your friend from the “Referrals” department 
  • Recommended person should not be the existing customer of terabank. 
  • If a recommended person uses a loan, or deposit product within 2 months from being recommended, you will get Terabytes as a present, the amount of which is dependent upon the amount of loan/deposit. 

Volume of sold products

Price of terabytes *

1000 - 3000



GEL 15


GEL 25


GEL 50


GEL 100


GEL 150


GEL 200


GEL 300

*Type of present – Terabytes, which can be used within 6 months from the accrual

Through the Terabytes you can:

  • Pay for utilities 
  • Pay into the mobile phone’s account

Additional information on Terabytes:


Application Form

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