Mastercard Travel

Travel Card is designed for travelers and allows you to withdraw the funds free of charge from ATM throughout the world, as well as makes on-line payments and settlements at the retail and service outlets.

  • Commission for payment by card – free
  • Cash withdrawal fee in ATM abroad – free
  • Card operations security service.

Plastic card issuance and service rates

Card Validity 2 year
Annual service fee          GEL 100

Card upgrade (due to loss/damage)

GEL 100

Swift card issuance fee 

Cost of the card + GEL 30 

Minimum balance USD 10 

Travel insurance (14 days are insured)

Multi-currency account GEL / USD / EUR / GBP

Service fee for the amounts transferred from

the internet sites, or the refunded amounts

from the operations performed through terminals abroad 


Fee for change of the daily limit of cash withdrawal from ATM 

(maximal term is 1 month) 

Pin Code Recovery Fee 5 GEL

Daily limits for cash withdrawal and settlement

Contactless operation GEL 100
From ATM GEL 10,000 or its equivalent*
At Terabank Unlimited
In case of payment      GEL 30,000 or its equivalent
At another bank    GEL 30,000 or its equivalent      

Cash withdrawal and settlement fees

From ATM abroad * 0% (1000 units)
From ATM abroad, more than 1,000 units per month* 2% min. GEL 9
From ATM at Terabank 2% min. GEL 9 

Cash withdrawal from terabank in GEL

0.40% min GEL. 0.5 

Cash withdrawal from terabank in other currency

0.60%  min. GEL 1

Fee for payment through POS terminal 0%
Cash withdrawal through plastic card from ATM of a partner bank**

2% min. GEL 9

Cash withdrawal through plastic card from any bank’s ATM (inside of the country) 2% min. USD 3.5
Cash withdrawal through plastic card from any other bank’s ATM (outside of the country) 0%
Cash withdrawal from partner bank 2% min. GEL 9
Cash withdrawal from the other bank 2.5%  min. USD 3.5

Transfer to terabank card via terabank ATM

0.1% min. GEL 0.5

Card payment fee


Placement of  the card on the local Stop List 


Placement of the card on the international Stop List (for 2 weeks)

40 USD

Cost of the card transaction appeal service for each transaction***

15 USD

Transaction Conversion Fee for Transactions made in a Currency other than the Currency of the Card Account


* The client can be charged by ATM cash withdrawal fee when withdraw money abroad. This fee set by the ATM acquiring bank for which Terabank is not responsible. During withdrawing, the client receives notification at the ATM’s screen regarding acquiring fee and question if client wants to perform further cash withdrawal operation.

If the client continues the process of cash withdrawal - it automatically means that client accepts the ATM acquiring fee which displayed on the ATM screen.

*Cash withdrawal from the ATM abroad is free of charge within one calendar month from the transaction performance, within the following limits – USD 1,000 / EURO 1,000 / GBP 1,000. 

**Liberty Bank  

***In the case of reimbursement by card safety service, the customer will not be charged the cost of the appeal fee. This cost will be reimbursed by the bank.

Accumulate terabytes from terabank and pay for utilities free of charge or recharge your mobile balance

Get involved with the Loyalty program:
On every GEL 5 transaction – get 1 terabyte
To every amount more by GEL 1 - 1 more terabyte will be added
Six GEL transaction = 1+1 terabytes

  • Nine GEL transaction = 1+4 terabytes
  • Transactions of 1000 GEL or above = 996 terabytes, which is the maximum amount of accrued points(1 terabyte is for the initial 5 GEL, while the remaining 995 GEL = 995 terabytes)
  • 300  terabytes = GEL 1

Cards General Guideliens

ATM Location


Standard terms and conditions for performance of terabank’s banking operations: see at the following link

Existing Terabank clients with active card account in case of loss/damage or date expiration may order new card online.

In case of card loss, please contact Terabank  immidiately via telephone: (+995 32) 255 00 00 or mobile: *50 50.  Terabank  call center operates 24 hours.


* Free cash withdrawal limit from ATM abroad during one calendar month – USD 1,000 /EUR 1,000 / GBP 1,000.

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