Pre-approved credit limit

Pre-approved credit limit for your business and personal requirements


If you have a small or medium business, terabank’s new product – pre-approved credit limit – will be useful to you.

Terabank pre-approves the maximal credit limit for business customers and allows them to utilize the amount at any time. In order to use the credit limit, its purpose is not of any importance: you may utilize the amount for business, as well as personal requirements,   

Pre-approved credit limit allows you:

  • To get the amount  promptly, without waiting, additional application and financial analysis
  • To assess the maximal creditworthiness of your own business
  • To set the future, long-term plans


Credit limit is approved in three currencies – GEL, USD or EURO.

Credit limit utilization term for business requirements is 12 months, for personal requirements – 6 months.

Pre-approved credit limit can be utilized by the existing, as well as the new business customers.

See the registration / termination fee at the link*

See the other contractual terms under the specific financial product header

* Collateral registration / termination fee applies only to secured loans

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