For customers, whose salaries are not transferred to a bank, it is no longer a barrier to borrow a loan. At terabank you may take a loan under the transfers extract and have a desirable amount approved within the shortest term.



Secured mortgage  loan as per the transfers

Loan amount

Fixed individually, as per the security and income*

Loan maturity

minimum-6 months

maximum-180 months

Loan currency


Annual interest rate

GEL - re-financing rate + 4,2%

USD(Libor-based variable rate) from 7,40%

EURO(Libor-based variable rate) from 6,40%

Effective interest rate

GEL - from  + 14,83%

USD - from  7,86%

EURO -from 6,79%

Loan repayment term

equal monthly installments

Loan security

Real estate


Swift transfers*

Loan disbursement fee

0,9% (min. 50 units)

Fee for searching the information on not being allocated in the Credit Info base




* Income is calculated in accordance with the average transfers for the last six months

1: The amount less than GEL 200,000 can be disbursed only in GEL


Application Form

Security Code