Open Banking: A Complete View of All of Your Accounts

Open banking allows you to enjoy a single view of all of your accounts and the available balance while managing each of your transactions effortlessly. 

Open Banking from terabank

Open banking is one of the trendiest options in modern banking. This innovative and convenient service allows you to:

  • Add and view all of your accounts on your internet banking and mobile banking dashboards—both with terabank and all other banks in Georgia;
  • Manage your account balance and all of your transactions; 
  • Gain fast and easy access to services and products by aggregating your financial data under one roof;
  • Add, edit or delete information via the internet banking and mobile banking platforms;
  • Save time by avoiding logging into banking platforms with other banks.

Data from any other bank is shared with your consent only.

In order to gain access to open banking, you must be a registered user of an internet banking service with another bank. 

How to Take Advantage of Open Banking via Internet Banking or Mobile Banking:

  • Log into our internet banking or mobile banking app,
  • Select other accounts on the home page,
  • Or click Offers,
  • Or visit my products page,
  • Click Add Bank,
  • Select the Bank with the account you are looking to add,
  • Read Terms & Conditions and click Confirm if you agree.
  • Enter the Username and Password you are using with the Bank Selected and wait for a one-time passcode,
  • Enter the one-time passcode and Confirm.
  • Select all of the fields from the account you wish to view,
  • Read Terms & Conditions and click Confirm if you agree.

You are now using open banking!

You may change or delete your accounts anytime. 

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