General Provisions and Advantages:

terabank offers e-commerce services to trade and services facilities which allows the company to receive the cost of goods or services sold through its website:

  • Visa / MasterCard plastic cards issued by Georgian and foreign banks.
  • Pre-authorization method - the transaction amount will be blocked and written off from the customer's account (s) only after confirmation by the company.
  • With maximum secure technology – with 3D Secure security service.



  • Expand business using online sales methods.
  • Easy integration.
  • Constant technical support.
  • Detailed information on transactions.
  • Transaction amount transfer period - 3 business days


Service Fees:

  • On VISA/MC cards issued by a Georgian bank - 2.5%
  • On VISA/MC cards issued by a foreign bank - 2.5%
  • Authorization fee - 0
  • Chargeback fee - $25
  • Request for information - $5
  • Chargeback appeal-$25
  • Payment System Arbitrage - $500
  • Integration fee: according to the rates of the service company.
  • Minimum and variable provision balance on the account – as agreed based on the turnover


Application Form

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