Visa Infinite - a premium class card with distinctive features

Complete List of Premium Partners and Discounts


If you value exclusive and comfortable service and personalized service, Visa Infinity is the best choice.

A high class plastic card allows you to enjoy attractive benefits and receive premium class services worldwide.

Visa Infinity Privileges and Offers:

  • Ability to use individual credit limits and rates imposed on customers of premium banking services;
  • Discounts in various trade or service outlets around the world;
  • High limits on cashing and payment;
  • Lounge Key Program - International Business Lounges;
  • Concierge service;
  • Full travel insurance (up to $ 1 million);
  • Pick up / drop off at the airport;
  • Luxury hotels;
  • Special offers from partner organizations around the world;
  • Extended warranty and purchase protection;
  • International medical and information support during travel;
  • Global customer support service.

Plastic card issuance and service fees

Card validity period  2 years
Card issuance fee Free

Emergency card issuance fee

GEL 30

Multi-currency account


Enrolled from internet sites or overseas operation performed at terminals service fee for refunds


 Fee for changing the daily limit for withdrawing money from ATMs (maximum term 1 month)


 Pin code recovery fee


Cashing and Payment Fees

Daily limit of transactions

30 transactions

Daily withdrawal limit from your own bank branch


Contactless transaction limit performed without a PIN

100 GEL

Daily limit for withdrawing money from ATMs

30 000 GEL

Daily payment limit

70 000 GEL

Daily cash withdrawal limit from another bank branch

100 000 GEL

Cash Withdrawal Limits and Fees

Payment fee with POS terminal


Cash withdrawal from terabank ATM


Cash withdrawal from Liberty Bank ATM


Cash withdrawal from TBC Bank ATM


Cash withdrawal from any other bank (within the country)

1% min. 2 USD  

Cash withdrawal from any other bank (outside the country)*

1% min. 2 USD 

When withdrawing money in GEL from a terabank branch 


Cash withdrawal in foreign currency from a terabank branch 


Cash withdrawal from Liberty Bank cash desk

0.7% min. 0.90 GEL

Cash withdrawal from another bank's cash desk

2.5% min. 3.50 USD

Placement of the card on the local Stop List


Placement of the card on the international Stop List (for 2 weeks)

40 USD

Cost of the card transaction appeal service, for each transaction**

15 USD

Transaction conversion fee for a currency other than the currency of the card account 


* The client can be charged by ATM cash withdrawal fee when withdraw money abroad. This fee set by the ATM acquiring bank for which Terabank is not responsible. During withdrawing, the client receives notification at the ATM’s screen regarding acquiring fee and question if client wants to perform further cash withdrawal operation.

If the client continues the process of cash withdrawal - it automatically means that client accepts the ATM acquiring fee which displayed on the ATM screen.

**In the case of reimbursement by card safety service, the customer will not be charged the cost of the appeal fee. This cost will be reimbursed by the bank.

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