Start-Up Loan Project


In Partnership With "Enterprise Georgia" Agency


The Start-Up loan project was implemented in partnership with "Enterprise Georgia" agency and gives entrepreneurs opportunity to take advantage of state subsidies and co-participation in providing loans.

Financing start-ups is able on the base of predicted income and current income is not mandatory. 


For more information about the "Enterprise Georgia" program, visit the agency's website.


Loan Currency

Issued only in national currency - GEL


Max. 180 months

Disbursement Fee


State Subsidy

The refinancing rate of the National Bank minus 5%

The amount of the state guarantee

No more than 80% of the approved loan

Term of Interest Subsidy

For the full term of the loan 


Fixed assets - 50%/ Working capital - 50%


Within the framework of the mentioned sector the following enterprises are financed:

  • Production of packing materials, including, carton, corrugated tare
  • Production of construction materials, including ceramic makes, marble, granite and other natural stones
  • Electricity production using renewable energy sources
  • Textile goods, including clothing, shoes, thread (wool, silk) and leather processing
  • Chemical, including, detergents, active chemical substances and cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Electrical technical appliances, including production of home appliances
  •  Plastics production
  • Timber processing and furniture, MDF, DSP production
  • Machinery, including spare parts production
  • Production of metal goods.

See the registration / termination fee at the link *

* Collateral registration / termination fee applies only to secured loans


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