Direct Debit

If you have to make standard transfers in certain periodicity and you often visit the bank for this purpose, then direct debit service offered by us will help you save the time and make the desirable payments without visiting the bank.  

Direct Debit is the order given by you to the bank, to make certain types of transfers independently, instead of you, in certain periodicity.


Automatic and utility payments

We will help you to pay for your, or the company’s, indicated by you, utility or other type of bills. For this it is enough to visit any branch or fill in the application.  

Standing orders

Through the standing payment order you can refer the funds to your own, as well as the other legal entity’s accounts, fill in the deposit etc. For this you should give the task to the bank, as to from which account, in what periodicity and what amount should be transferred by the bank to the destination.    

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