Treasury Operations


Spot Operations

Spot is a transaction, which is performed through simultaneous currency exhange, while the settlement is made after certain period, as a rule, one or two days later.   
Spot transaction is used by customer for the purpose of purchase of currency within the shortest term. 

Forward Operations

Forward operation is a transaction between the bank and customer, which implies performing conversion operation in the future, on a pre-determined date and exchange rate.    
Currency forward can be used by the companies, having the revenues and liabilities in various currencies. 
Currency forward assists customer with insuring the currency risks and pre-determine the future exchange rate.  

Swap Operation

Currency swap is the currency purchase operation between the bank and customer and then to sell it back with one and the same amounts, the date of exchange and exchange rate of which is fixed in advance, when the transaction is concluded.  
Currency swap can be used by the companies, which make payments in the national currency, while having the cash resources and income in foreign currency.   
Currency swap assist customer with preventing the currency depreciation risks. Swap contract allows customer to purchase GEL and, while concluding the transaction, pre-determines the future exchange rate for purchase of currency. 

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