Service Fees

Account opening and Service

Opening the current  universal account for legal entities GEL 10 
Opening the Nominal owner account GEL 10

Account service fee for legal entities (basic package)

GEL 3 per month 

Monthly fee for dormant account 

GEL 10

Account opening application review fee for non-residents

GEL 300



Transfer within the system of  terabank


Transfer to another bank in the national currency via internet/mobile banking

Up to 1000 GEL - 1 GEL;

From 1000 up to 10 000 GEL - 5 GEL;

From 10 000 up to 100 000 GEL - 10 GEL;

Above 100 000 GEL - 100 GEL.

Transfer to another bank in the national currency in the branch/service center

Up to 1000 GEL - 4 GEL;

From 1000 up to 10 000 GEL - 10 GEL;

From 10 000 up to 100 000 GEL - 20 GEL;

Above 100 000 GEL - 200 GEL.

Fast transfer to other banks - in national currency*

Up to 5,000 GEL - Fix. 1 GEL

From 5,000 GEL - Fix. 2 GEL

Transfer of amount to the other banks - USD

0.2% min.  USD 15, max. USD 500


Transfer of amount to the other banks in EURO and other currency D

0.2% min.  EURO 20, max. EURO 500

Transfer of amount in EURO and other currency to the bank’s recipient’s account with the guarantee of full transfer of the amount (except for USD) 

0.2 % min. EURO 50

Making changes to the performed transfer


Looking for the transferred amount


Annulment of performed transfer



 *In the case of a fast transfer, if the transfer is made before 17:50 of the business day, the recipient will be charged the same day. The operation will be performed in 15 minutes.

Important information:

For the execution of the foreign currency payment order, it is necessary to present a document confirming the basis of settlement (agreement, invoice, etc.) if the amount to be transferred exceeds 100,000 (one hundred thousand) GEL equivalent in the currency under the NBG rate.

Based on international and local legal requirements, as well as the bank's internal policy, if necessary, the bank may request a document confirming the basis of settlement (agreement, invoice, etc.) and other information/documentation necessary for the study of the transaction, regardless of the amount.


Important information regarding the foreign currency transactions.


Encashment from the account

Encashment from the account of nation currency 0.2% min. 0.50 GEL
Encashment from the account of foreign currency 0.5% min. 1 GEL

*Date of validation of the above mentioned amendments is 10 December 2020.


Cash pay-in to the account

Cash pay-in to the account (national and foreign currency) Free
Russian Ruble pay-in to the account 3%


Currency conversion

Currency conversion As per the internal rate of the bank

Operations related to notes

Receipt-change of damaged foreign currency notes 3%

Automatic utility transfers

Registration Free
Service GEL 1 per month
Transfer Free

Standing Order

Registration  Free

Standing payment order service 

1 GEL per month

Fee for cash pay-in through the swift payment terminal

Through the JSC “Nova Technology" 


Through TBC PAY

Through TBC PAY in foreign currencies (USD,EUR) 2 GEL/equivalent

Through the existing terminal at the bank


SMS service 

Registration Free
Service fee 1 GEL

Cash cheques

Issuance/sale GEL 9


Cash delivery

Cash delivery From GEL  400(per month) from each entity

One-time collection service

Depends on location


Safe Deposit Services

Small-size safes  (29*50*8) GEL 25 per month
Medium-size safes   (29*50*18; 29*50*28) GEL 30 per month
Minimum term 1 month
Maximum term 12 months (with possibility of automatic prolongation)
Payment term Prepayment
Overdue fine 50% of the amount per overdue day
Fine on losing or damaging the key GEL 150


 Special offer  “New Business”


„ New Business” offers the reasonable prices to those new companies, which choose terabank when being registered at the House of Justice.

After opening the account, companies will receive full information regarding the terms and conditions and will be allowed to choose the desirable branch of terabank for receiving the service.


Opening the account

Currency GEL

Transfer to the other banks

Free  (during 12 months)

Internet-bank with SMS DG Pass

Free  (during 12 months)

Fee for BUSSINESS card service


(during 24 months)

Pay-roll cards issuance


For the employees involved with the pay-roll project, card encashment

Encashment from the ATM of the JSC terabank - Free

From the ATM of the JSC Liberty Bank- Free 

From the ATM of the JSC TBC Bank-1% min. USD 1

From the ATM of the other banks - 2% min. USD 3 


        * From registration at the Public Registry, customer is given 30 days in order to benefit from the special terms and conditions offered to him/her

Banking Documents

Extract from account Free
Document duplicate issuance Free
Document restoration from archive GEL 10 
Statement issuance regarding the  balances at customer’s accounts (in Georgian) GEL 10 
Statement issuance regarding the  balances at customer’s accounts (in English) GEL 30
Statement on indebtedness   GEL 10 
Non-standard issuance (in Georgian and English) GEL 10 
Statement on loan approval   GEL 30 
Statement on  Transfers GEL 30

Internet bank/Mobile bank

Internet Bank/Mobile Bank regisration Free
Internet-bank with DG pass service  GEL 5 per month
DG pass fee GEL 20 

Digipass loss/damage fee

GEL 40

Offer to the women entrepreneurs 

Maximal loan maturity

180 months

Sphere of financing



From 12.40%

Loan payment term

Inclusive of USD 3000 without security

Grace period

Up to 12 months

Minimum income

GEL 300 (equivalent in foreign currency)

Business overdraft

30% of banking turnover

Offer to the wine entrepreneurs

Short-term loan 

EURO- 6%, USD-7%, GEL-11% 

Long-term agro loan

Re-financing + from 3,75% 

Amount of business overdraft

50% of monthly turnover

Interest rate of business overdraft


Cash-covered banking guarantee


Banking guarantee secured under the other assets


Transfer in GEL


Escrow service

Service fee 0,2% min. GEL 100


Billing Payments

When performing an operation at a branch

Up to 1 GEL (depending on the provider)

When operating in remote channels

Up to 0.5 GEL (depending on the provider)


Application Form

Security Code