Consumer Loans Promotion

When making repayment of various small loans, different dates, transfer destinations and amounts often cause the absolute chaos. In addition to that, there are cases, when you require additional amount for personal consumption. Would you like to go on a tour, make renovation, or repay the outstanding loans?


Your financial house offers you the best solution!


Take, or merger the consumer loans until inclusive of 14 April, choose the acceptable repayment date and benefit from the best terms and conditions:   

  • Choose one of the desirable preferences for repayment: 3 months grace period or the loan pausing function.
  • Benefit from the lowest rate of interest on the short-term loans
  • Increase the loan repayment term from 3 years up to 5 years
  • Increase the loan amount up to GEL 50 000 
  • Receive the credit card of terabank as a present with the limit of double amount of your salary

Online Application

Consumer loan without security 

Loan amount

minimal -  GEL 500

Maximal-  GEL 50,000 

Loan maturity

Minimal : 3 Month

Maximal: 60 month 

Annual interest rate in GEL     

from - 7.5%
Effective interest rate from 15.5%

Loan currency


Volume of income

GEL 300 (equivalent in foreign currency) 

Application Form

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