Simple Consumer Loan for Couriers from terabank

If you are a courier and want to take a consumer loan, you can use a terabank product which we have designed especially for you.
A blank consumer loan is disbursed on simple terms. It may be applied for at a terabank branch as well as remotely.
The product is especially interesting for couriers who want to:

  • Combine loans, installments, credit cards or small loans;
  • Receive additional money;
  • Purchase a desired item.

The terms of the loan also provide for the possibility of porting from another bank.
Loan amount: minimum – GEL 500 GEL, maximum – GEL 10,000
Loan maturity: minimum - 3 months, maximum - 48 months
Loan currency - GEL
Loan repayment terms - equal monthly installments


Loan amount

min -  GEL 500

max - GEL 10 000

Loan maturity

min - 3 months

max - 48 months

Loan currency GEL
Loan repayment rate eqaul monthly installments  

not required

Annual interest rate

from 17%

Effective interest rate

from 22.40%

Fee for retrieving information in the Credit Info database

18 GEL

Loan fee

2%(min.20 GEL)

Guarantee fee*

From 500 GEL to 5,000 GEL on loans - fixed 3 GEL per month

From 5,000 GEL to 20,000 GEL on loans - fixed 5 GEL per month

Withdrawal fee

0.20% min. 0.50 GEL



*Guarantee fee is activated only for loans from 500 GEL to 20,000 GEL which have neither a co-borrower nor a guarantor.

**The effective interest rate is calculated for 10,000 GEL.

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