Junior Card- For Schoolchildren

The Junior Card is terabank's new plastic card for schoolchildren. Students can take it for free. A plastic card has many advantages for both a pupil and a parent. 

Pupils will be able to use the Junior Card in the school cafeteria, pay at various retail and service outlets and travel by metro and bus in the capital.
For their part, parents no longer need to give their children cash for their daily expenditures and can also control the amount of money spent during the day. 
Information on transactions made with the Junior Card will be sent via SMS to both the parent/guardian and the cardholder. 
In the case of online payments or cash withdrawals, certain restrictions apply to the card. The pupils will not be able to use the services of gambling and high-risk facilities which makes the process of using the card even more secure. Payment in any currency except GEL is limited. 

The Junior Card is issued to individuals aged 6 to 18 years. The card can be ordered by one of the legal representatives of the minor (parent/guardian) on the basis of presenting the pupil's birth certificate or guardianship document. 


Accumulate terabytes and top up the mobile phone’s account, or pay for utilities free of charge!


Get involved with the Loyalty program:

On every GEL 5 transaction - get 1 terabyte

To every amount more by GEL 1 - 1 more terabyte will be added

  • Six GEL transaction = 1+1 terabytes
  • Nine GEL transaction = 1+4 terabytes
  • Transactions of 1000 GEL or above = 996 terabytes, which is the maximum amount of accrued points (1 terabyte is for the initial 5 GEL, while the remaining 995 GEL = 995 terabytes)
  • 300 terabytes = GEL 1


In order to use terabytes, you must have a current account.


Plastic Card Issuance and Service Fees

Card type

Visa Classic
Card validity period 2 years
Card issuance fee Free

Card upgrade

GEL 10

Swift card issuance fee 

Cost of the card + GEL 30 

Minimum balance Not required
Account currency GEL

Service fee for refunds of transactions transferred from Internet sites or performed at terminals abroad 


Fee for changing the daily limit for cash withdrawal from an ATM

(Maximum term 1 month)


Pin Code Recovery Fee GEL 5
SMS Service Free
Internet bank* Free

Placing the card on the local stop list


* Only transfers between your own accounts, account viewing function, payment of utility bills are allowed.

Cash Withdrawal and Payment Limits

Daily limit for cash withdrawal from ATM and branch

GEL 50 *

Daily limit on cashless purchases

GEL 150 *

Daily limit on the amount of transactions

10 operations

Contactless, transaction limit performed without a pin         

GEL 100

* Limitation can be lifted with parental approval 

Cash Withdrawal and Settlement Fees

Post-terminal payment fee


Cash withdrawal from terabank’s ATM

0.2% min. GEL 0.2 

Cash withdrawal from a partner bank's ATM* 0.2% min.GEL 0.2

Cash withdrawal from partner bank's branch

0.2% min. GEL 0.6

Cash withdrawal in GEL from terabank’s branch

0.2% min. GEL 0.6

Cash withdrawal from any other bank’s ATM (inside and outside of the country)**

2% min. USD 3.5

Cash withdrawal from another bank’s branch

2.5%  min. USD 3.5 

Transfer to Terabank card through Terabank ATM

0.1% min. GEL 0.5


*Liberty Bank

    ATM Locations


    ** The client can be charged by ATM cash withdrawal fee when withdraw money abroad. This fee set by the ATM acquiring bank for which Terabank is not responsible. During withdrawing, the client receives notification at the ATM’s screen regarding acquiring fee and question if client wants to perform further cash withdrawal operation.

    If the client continues the process of cash withdrawal - it automatically means that client accepts the ATM acquiring fee which displayed on the ATM screen.


    Standard conditions for conducting terabank’s banking operations for individuals can be found at the link
    In the case of card loss, contact terabank immediately:  (+995 32) 255 00 00, from mobile * 50 50. The bank's call center is open 24 hours a day.

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