Mortgage loan promotion

If you wish to borrow a mortgage loan for purchase, renovation and construction of real estate, or looking for better terms for the product utilization,

If you wish to take a mortgage loan for the purchase, renovation or construction of real estate or if you are looking for better terms for product utilization, terabank is offering a new promotion.   
Within the framework of this peromotion, any customer who takes a mortgage loan from terabank or  who ports a mortgage loan from another bank, will benefit from the exclusive terms and low rate of interest of our new promotion:   


  • Fixed interest rate on loans for the 1styear: from 9.99%
  • Floating interest rate after the 1styear: National Bank’s refinancing rate +2.99% (9.50% or over);
  • Effective interest rate: from 11.91%
  • Full grace period: 3 months

The promotion is applicable for loans in GEL.


Loan amount

   min - 1,000 GEL


Loan term

   min - 6 months

   max - 180 months

Loan currency


loan repayment rate

   equal monthly installments


   Real estate

volume of income

   GEL 300 (Equivalent in USD and EUR)

Loan disbursement fee

Fee for searching the information on not being allocated in the Credit Info base    10 GEL/ 6 USD/ 4 EURO 

Contribution in case of purchase of real estate

    0 % (fixed as per the liquidation value of the property)

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