Easy loan

Easy Loan from terabank

Desirable amount – in 15 minutes without confirmation of revenues. Get consumer loan, credit card, or – increase the existing credit limit at the card by only 1 visit to terabank’s branch.


Easy loan terms
Loan amount

min - 500 GEL

max -  5000 GEL

Loan maturity

min - 3 months

max - 36 months

Loan currency GEL

Annual interest rate 

from 20.00% 

Effective interest rate

from  25.30%

Loan repayment term

equal monthly installments


not requested

Volume of income

400 GEL (equivalent in foreign currency)

Loan disbursement fee

depends on loan amount 

Fee for searching the information on not being allocated in the Credit Info base 

 10 GEL



                                                       *Effective interest rate is estimated on GEL 5,000 

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