Easy loan

Easy Loan from terabank

Desirable amount – in 15 minutes without confirmation of revenues. Get consumer loan, credit card, or – increase the existing credit limit at the card by only 1 visit to terabank’s branch.
You may get a quick and Easy loan for up to 36 months in GEL currency. 



Annual interest rate 

From 19.5%

Effective Interest Rate

From 24%

Loan currency


Loan maturity

3-36 months

Loan amount

Up to GEL 2,500 


Not required


Salary, rent

Loan disbursement fee


Loan purpose


Penalty for loan pre-payment

In case of re-financing from  “terabank” - 0%

In case of re-financing from  the own resources - 2%

In case of re-financing from  the other bank: 2%

Penalty for overdue

Fixed penalty - GEL 10;
0,5% of the outstanding overdue amount 0,5% on each of the overdue days;

Loan repayment term

Equal monthly installments

Minimal income of the borrower

GEL 400 


Application Form

Security Code