terbank’s Initiative to Support Ventures of its Business Clients

If you are a customer of terabank and currently in charge of your own business, we have launched a new initiative to support your venture.
We have put together a total of three gift packs, comprised of services that are customized to your specific needs, including branding, communication and web support. You may select any of the packs and mix and match services from the communication and web platform packs to make a list of services of your own.
You may join the initiative via the official terabank Facebook page or by following this link. The application form that you must fill out to participate is already available online. Make sure to hurry—only the first 50 customers will get a chance to join the initiative.

Gift packs:

Branding pack focuses on logo and visual guidelines, naming and brand story creation.  

Communication pack is comprised of social media setup and support, content development and placement services—namely, Facebook page setup, social media management training and consulting, post design and copywriting, as well as ad targeting. The pack also includes an option to place ads on screens and ATMs located at terabank’s branches and share offers via the official Facebook page of the bank. 

Web platform pack includes web development, placement and account management consulting services—namely, account setup on webpage and web template platforms and development and applicable consulting services as well as support with high-resolution images.  

Customers are invited to join the initiative by completing the application form before July 15.


Application Form

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