tera Auto: Effortless Auto Loans in 45 Minutes

If you are currently looking to procure funds to purchase a car, a van or a larger motor vehicle, or are already an auto owner, then tera auto, a brand-new product from terabank sounds like a great fit. Keep in mind that all you need to finalize the loan is just 45 minutes.

Loan amount: GEL1000 – GEL 100 000.

Special terms:

  • No co-signer required;
  • Loan disbursed without the vehicle signed over to the bank;
  • High vehicle valuation;
  • Option to transfer a loan from another bank;
  • Proof of income not required; 
  • Loan origination fee - 0;
  • Fee for withdrawal of funds - 0;
  • Liability expenses - 0;

The new product is intended for both existing customers of terabank and those looking to transfer their loans from other banks.

Borrowers must be at least 21 and at most 65 years old.

The following documents are required:

  • Valid ID;
  • Vehicle registration certificate.

Application Form

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