Short-term Business Loan

Short-term Business Loans are convenient to be used for performance of single operations/investments or undertaking a new business direction. 



Interest Rate

National Bank Ref, interest rate from + 2.5% (effective from 13%)

USD from 7% (effective from 7.25%)

EUR from 6% (effective from 6.25%)


Max. 6 months

Disbursement Fee 

From 0.5%

Credit Verification in Credit Info

18 GEL

Guarantee Fee for Unsecured Loans

Up to 5,000 GEL per month 3 GEL

Up to 20,000 GEL per month 5 GEL


See the registration / termination fee at the link *

See the other contractual terms under the specific financial product header.

* Collateral registration / termination fee applies only to secured loans


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