Payroll program

Terabank’s Exclusive Terms for New Payroll Customers

Terabank is offering exclusive terms to new payroll customers. In this new offer, customers receiving their salaries at terabank can take advantage of exclusive terms free-of-charge: 

  • Open the account
  • Receive a bank card
  • Withdraw cash from any terabank ATM

Types of payroll cards:

  • For a salary up to GEL 2,000 - Classic
  • For a salary of more than GEL 2,000 - Gold

The Classic card will be given to new payroll customers with a service fee of GEL 1.50 per month. Please see additional information about this package at the following link.

Cash withdrawal and settlement fees

encashment  from ATM of a terabank


encashment  from ATM of  Liverty bank 

0,2%  min.  0.10 GEL

encashment from ATM of TBC bank

1% min. 1 USD

encashment  from any bank’s ATM

2% min.  3 USD

Commission for using POS terminal


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