Royal Deposit

ROYAL deposit is the saving card type deposit, which allows you to dispose the existing amounts at the deposit, as per your wish, any time through the card.

Deposit terms

  • Deposit opening - free

  • Annual deposit service fee - GEL 10

  • Deposit term - termless

  • Deposit amount - from 50 units*

  • Add/withdrawal of the amount to/from the deposit - unlimited

  • Interest accrual frequency - at the end of every month

  • ROYAL card type - Visa Classic

In accordance with the current rates for cash withdrawal fees from the account, see the link

*Effective interest rate is calculated on the condition of placing 1,000 units in cash in the deposit.


Annual interest rate

4.00% 0.80% 0.50%


Effective interest rate

4.07%  0.80% 0.50%




Through the ROYAL card you may:

  • Withdraw the existing amount at the deposit from any ATM throughout the world

  • Make internet-payments

  • Payment at the retail and service outlets

  • Make utility payments

  • Transfer of the amount to another VISA card through ATM.


General Terms of Service with Visa Plastic card

ATM Location


In case of card loss, please contact KSB Bank immidiately via telephone: (+995 32) 255 00 00 or mobile: *50 50.  KSB Bank call center operates 24 hours.

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