Savings Deposit

Saving deposit allows you to pay in and withdraw the unlimited amount in a ny frequency to/from your account. The interest will be accrued at the end of every day, in consideration of the existing balance at the account.

You may use the saving any time in full or partly and, at the same time, get the interest.

Deposit terms:

  • Deposit opening - free

  • Deposit term - termless

  • Deposit currency - GEL, USD, EURO

  • Initial minimal installment - 5 units*

  • Adding the amount to the deposit - unlimited

  • Interest accrual frequency - at the end of every month

  • Necessary minimal balance for the interest accrual -  500 units

  • The interest accrued on the deposit can be transferred, as per your wish, to the current, card or deposit account. In case of transfer to the deposit account, the interest will be added to the principal amount and then the interest will be accrued on that increased amount.

*Effective interest Rate is calculated on 5,000 unit.


Annual interest rate

3.00% 1.5%  0.50%

Effective interest rate

2.73% 0.95% - 0.103%


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