Remote Services

Of course, you enjoy being with us and that is understandable - being here feels like home. However, you might not always be able to visit us every time you need the assistance of the Financial Home which is why we are happy to offer you our remote services – wherever you may need them.
Remote convenience enables you to access our services through your:

  • Mobile telephone
  • Home telephone
  • Computer
  • Nearest express payment terminal

Internet Banking – Virtual Convenience of the Financial Home

If you are in need of bank services and are in front of your computer screen, enter in the address bar and complete any operation you need with a simple step.

Mobile Bank – Convenience of the Financial Home in the Palm of Your Hand

Everyone has those times when we are not at home or away from the office and we suddenly remember that we need to do some banking. This is not a problem! We are right here! Look for us – we might be in your pocket and, perhaps, in your purse, too. Open the terabank mbank mobile banking application and you will instantly be connected to all of our banking services. If you have not yet downloaded our mobile banking application, visit the App Store or Play Store – based on whichever telephone you have – and download the terabank mbank application.

Internet Banking and Mobile Banking allow you to:

  • Check the balance on your account
  • Remember how much and where you spent your money
  • See the transactions you made
  • Transfer funds locally or even overseas
  • Exchange currency
  • Pay your bills
  • Manage your loans
  • Receive and send messages
  • Receive news from us about the bank and our services

SMS Service – Notifications from the Financial Home

You will have another reason to pay us a visit if you are notified via SMS that your card has expired or that we have made a new card for you.
You may also receive the following information via SMS if you send an SMS message to 1016:

  • Regarding incoming or outgoing funds
  • Regarding remaining funds in your account
  • Regarding rejected or cancelled transactions
  • Regarding cash withdrawals via ATMs
  • Regarding funds remaining in your current account - A
  • Regarding funds remaining in your card account - B
  • Regarding official exchange rates - C

Call Center – Your Call to the Financial Home

You may access Terabank’s remote convenience services via your home telephone as well. Contact the Terabank Call Center via your mobile or home telephone in order to speak with one of our carefully selected operators.
Dial 2 55 00 00 from your home telephone or *5050 from your mobile telephone to take advantage of our remote convenience services.
The Call Center will supply you with the following information:

  • Remaining funds in your account
  • Turnover in your current and card accounts
  • Deposit term and amount
  • Information regarding loans and repayment schedules
  • Information regarding current offers and terms and conditions
  • Advice regarding bank products

You may also conduct the following operations:

  • Transfer funds between your accounts
  • Renew your card
  • Pay utilities
  • Cash a money transfer
  • Block or activate a card
  • Activate the SMS Service
  • Activate the Card Safety Service
  • Send account requisites

A friendly piece of advice:  Have you lost your card? Are you not sure if you left it in the ATM or dropped it somewhere? It does not matter – contact our operators immediately to block your card.


Video banking

If you are located outside of the country or are unable to contact the call center for any other reason, video banking allows you to receive all of our services via Viber and Skype. You may take advantage of this service at virtually all times.

Please, contact the call center via Skype and Viber: Terabank Videobank ,595213262


Online Payments – A job taken care of without leaving home

Is it your bill payment day already? No matter when you remember this, visit the page and pay the following bills easily:

  • Utilities
  • Mobile Connection
  • Telecom and Internet
  • Cable TV
  • Tuition Fees
  • Insurance, etc.

Automatic Transfers – Automated bill payments at the Financial Home

In order not to spend too much time thinking about your bills, let us look after this for you. Schedule the task for us just once and we will take care of the rest ourselves – all you have to do is ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account.
We can pay utilities, monthly service fees, insurance and tuition fees, etc., on your behalf.
Express Payment Terminals – Financial convenience close to home
There will certainly be a Terabank Express Payment Terminal close to where you live which will allow you to:

  • Pay utilities
  • Deposit cash into an account

You may view our remote service fees via the following link.
You may view standard terms and conditions for Terabank’s bank operations for individuals via the following link.

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