Simplified Mortgage to Buy a Home

If you intend to purchase a new home from a real estate development company or would like to replace an existing internal installment payment scheme with a loan, then our new and innovative product from Terabank is for you.

Customers will be able to obtain the simplified mortgage loan without having their income paid into a banking account. In order to qualify for the amount needed for a property purchase, you must check the following two boxes:  have 20% of the total price of the apartment and have a positive loan or internal installment repayment history.

Terms for Simplified Mortgage
Loan amount

   min - 1,000 GEL


Loan term

   min - 6 months

   max - 12 Years

Loan currency


Anual interest rate

GEL – from +4.2% to re-financing rate 


USD(Libor-based variable rate)-from 7.40%

EURO(Libor-based variable rate)-from 6.40%

Effective interest rate

GEL-from 14.83%  

USD-from 7.86%
EURO-from 6.79%

loan repayment rate

  equal monthly installments


  Real estate

Loan disbursement fee

  0.9%  (min.50 units)
Fee for searching the information on not being allocated in the Credit Info base  18 GEL

Contribution in case of purchase of real estate

  30 % 



Application Form

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