Purchase a car on installments


If you want an easy option for buying a brand new car, you can take advantage of a monthly installments plan with the help of Terabank. The product is available for those receiving a standard confirmed income as well as those with an unconfirmed income. You can buy a new car both at Terabank's partner and non-partner auto centers. The product is intended for individuals who are citizens and residents of Georgia.


Product Terms


Loan amount

Min - GEL 3,000

Max -  GEL120,000


Loan term


Min - 3 months

Max - 60 months

Loan currency


Annual interest rate

GEL - from 16.70%

USD - from 10.80%

Effective interest rate

GEL - from 19.30%

USD - from 12.5%

Loan repayment terms

Equal monthly payments

Loan security

A purchased car

Minimum of income

GEL 300 (equivalent in foreign currency)

Type of income

Salary, dividend, lease, income generated from private business  

Loan disbursement fee



Min. 25% n the case of confirmed income, min. 50% in the case of unconfirmed income

Transfer of the loan amount to the account of the dealership


Fee for searching in the Credit Info base

GEL 18/USD 6

*A loan or bank credit for amounts less than 300,000 GEL can only be issued in the national currency to residents of Georgia.
**The loan is disbursed to citizens/residents of Georgia.
***The effective interest rate is calculated for GEL 120,000, for 60 months.

Application Form

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