Mortgage Loan for Georgian Immigrants

Purchase an apartment in Georgia without proof of income!

If you are an immigrant residing overseas and saving funds to purchase real estate but unable to prove your income to obtain a mortgage, then terabank’s new product is precisely for you!
The terabank mortgage loan has been designed specifically for immigrants and may be obtained without proof of income or any additional security which means that nothing is going to hold you back from purchasing real estate.
You may purchase real estate using our new product both from real estate development companies and physical entities.
Expats residing in Georgia and individuals with dual citizenship are also eligible for the mortgage loan.

Loan terms

Loan amount

   min - 1,000 GEL


Loan term

   min - 6 months

  For those with Georgian or dual citizenship- 180 months

  For those without Georgian citizenship-120 months

Loan currency


Annual Interest Rate GEL- from re-financing rate +4.2%
USD(Libor-based variable rate)- from 7,40%
EURO(Libor-based variable rate)- from 6,40%
Effective Interest Rate GEL- from 14.83%
USD- from 7,86%
EURO- from 6.79% 

loan repayment rate

 equal monthly installments


 Real estate

Loan disbursement fee 0.9%(min.50 units)

Contribution in case of purchase of real estate

 30 % 


*If Loan amount is less than 200,000 GEL (Equ. in other currency) the loan may be issued only in GEL

Application Form

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