SMS Signature

Use terabank’s SMS signature service – save time and take care of the environment. 

What is SMS signature

SMS signature service can be used very easily and implies verification of banking operations under the single code. When performing the banking operations, a single SMS code is sent to the user, which should be dictated by the bank’s employee. The banking operation, verified under the SMS code has exactly the same legal force, as the printed out and signed document. 

When can we use the sms signature


The following limits apply during operations performed with SMS signature within the mentioned service:

  • Operation performed in cash - 10,000 (ten thousand) GEL (in the relevant foreign currency according to the exchange rate of the NBG).
  • Cash/currency transfer - 3,000 (three thousand) GEL (in the relevant foreign currency subject to the exchange rate of the NBG).
  • Cashless conversion between own accounts - 10,000 (ten thousand) GEL (according to the exchange rate of the NBG in the corresponding foreign currency).

and the foillowing operations can be performed: 

  • cash pay-in to the own account;
  • cash withdrawal from the own account;
  • gel transfer from the own account;
  • currency transfer from the own account;
  • conversion at the own account under the standard/different rate;
  • payment of utilities in cash or through cashless payment;  
  • Card security service activation/deactivation
    Internet banking activation/deactivation/password change
    Standing order activation/deactivation


Where can I see the details of the operations performed by me

After the operation has been performed, performed details are sent to the user by sms. In case of necessity, copy of the document can be received in any of the branches of terabank. 
Use the contemporary and comfortable banking service, save time and care about the environment together with terabank. 

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