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Mortgage Loan from terabank

Terabank's mortgage loans are intended for individuals who want to buy, build, renovate real estate or refinance an existing mortgage loan. 

The product can be used by persons who have both standard income, for example, salary, allowance, bonus, premium, dividend, rent and travel, and private income, for example, from the business of a tutor, dentist, barber, babysitter, tailor and taxi driver.


Terms for standard Mortgage loan
Loan amount

min - 1,000 GEL


Loan term

Min - 6 months

Max - GEL - 240 months
In foreign currency 120 months **

Loan currency


Annual interest rate

GEL- Index + from +3.3%

USD (variable rate attached to SOFRI index) – from 7.45

EURO (variable rate attached to Euribor) – from 7.1.

Effective interest rate

GEL - from 14.7% 

USD - from 7.9%

EURO - from 7.5%  

Loan repayment rate

Monthly equal installments


Real estate

Minimum of income

GEL 300 (Equivalent in USD and EUR)

Type of income

Salary, allowance, bonus, premium, dividend, lease, remittance. Also, income generated from private business - tutoring, dentist, barber, babysitter, tailor, and taxi driver activities.

Loan disbursement fee

0.5%  (min.50 units)
Fee for searching the information on not being allocated in the Credit Info base 18 GEL/ 6 USD/ 6 EURO 

Contribution in case of purchase of real estate

From 0% (determined based on the liquidation value of the property) 

Withdrawal Fee

GEL - 0.20% min. 0.50 GEL

USD / EUR - 0.50% min. 1 GEL (in the relevant currency)

*A loan or bank credit for amounts less than 400,000 GEL can only be issued in the national currency, except when the borrower's income and the loan are in the same currency.

**In the case of a mortgage loan issued in a foreign currency, if the borrower's income is in the currency of the loan - not more than 15 years.

In the case of a mortgage loan issued in a foreign currency, if the income of the borrower and the currency of the loan differ from each other - not more than 10 years.

When refinancing a mortgage loan issued in a foreign currency from January 1, 2019 to January 1, 2022, if the loan is issued in a foreign currency and the borrower's income and loan currency differ, the maximum loan term is allowed to be 15 years.

The loan is disbursed to residents of Georgia, as well as non-resident persons. The loan is disbursed to non-resident persons within the terms of the business contract applicable in Georgia.

***The effective interest rate is calculated for 100,000 units. Term - 84 months.

See the registration / termination fee at the link


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