Consumer Loans

Make your wishes come true!

Purchase any item (furniture, home appliances, cell phone, computer etc.) or finance your or your children’s education through the consumer loan of Terabank.

Consumer Loan without Security
Loan Amount Minimum: GEL 500
Maximum: GEL 45,000
Loan Term Minimum: 3 months
Maximum: 48 months
Annual Interest Rate in GEL From 11%;
Effective Interest Rate From 12.5% in Gel, from 8.9% in USD
Loan Currency GEL
Income GEL 300 (Equivalent in USD and EUR)



Choose simplified terms to take a loan!

If you decide to present the security, in this case it is not necessary that in order to receive the loan, the income should be transferred to any of the banks. 


Secured Consumer Loan
Loan Amount Minimum: 1,000 units*

Maximum: individually

Loan Term Minimum: 3 Months
Maximum: 120 Months
Annual interest rate in GEL From 11%, From Refinancing Rate+3%
Annual interest rate in USD and EURO From 8%
Effective Interest Rate From 12.8%  in Gel, from 9.4% in USD
Loan Currency GEL, USD, EUR
Collateral Real estate and movable property (vehicle)
Income GEL 300 (Equivalent in USD and EUR)

*If Loan amount is less than 100,000 GEL (Equ. in other currency) the loan may be issued only in GEL

Please consider, if you are unable to visit the bank at daytime, during the workdays Pekini branch of terabank offers you a retail credit services until 21:00.

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