Child Deposit

Child deposit allows you to accumulate the amount for your child and at the same time get the interest. The deposit is opened under the name of a child, under the birth certificate.

Deposit terms:

  • Deposit opening - free

  • Minimal term of deposit - 2 years

  • Maximal term of deposit - until a child comes of age

  • Deposit currency - GEL, USD, EURO

  • Minimal amount for deposit opening - 15 units*

  • Accrued interest is transferred to the current or card accounts.

  • Adding the amount to the deposit - in any frequency, in any amount

  • Accrued interest may be used - at the end of the term.

  • in case of breach of the deposit within two years from opening the deposit, the interest applicable for the existing saving deposit by the bank on the date of breach will be accrued on it in full and on the breached one - the interest applicable by the bank for the saving deposit by the time of breach. 

*Effective interest Rate is calculated on 5,000 unit.


Annual Interest Rate 

12.50% 3.95% 3.40%

Effective Interest Rate 

11.80% 3.87%


*Effective interest Rate is calculated on 5,000 unit.

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