Tera Leasing


Terabank and Bizon.ge are introducing new product to business owners. Financial leasing is the most effective tool for financing heavy equipment and machinery purchase.

Tera Leasing services are available to any legal entity and entrepreneur who are in need of modernizing their enterprise, adding new construction, agricultural, medical, production or other type of equipment.

You can choose a new or used asset and a local or international seller, or consult with us on these topics. Tera Leasing will purchase the desired product and lease it to you in exchange for monthly lease payments. After repaying the schedule on time, you will become the owner of the equipment.

If you have already purchased the asset and want to free the amount invested in it, we can still help you.

We are offering:

  • Equipment financing without the need to put in your mortgage;
  • Support in equipment selection, purchase, insurance and maintenance process;
  • Terms tailored to your needs and a prompt service

Tera Leasing terms:

  • Financing from 5 000 to 5 000 000 GEL;
  • Effective interest rate from 19% (for GEL financing) and 13% (for USD financing);
  • Leasing contract term: 6-60 months;
  • Customer donwpayment: from 15% of asset price;
  • Financing available for both new and used assets;
  • Financing only for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, including startups

In order to get a proposal from Tera Leasing, please fill in the appication form or visit us at Sandro Euli street #7 Tbilisi, Georgia

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